We, homo sapiens, have been carrying our offsprings in some form of a carrier since the beginning of history. Not only because it is practical (so that the mother can carry out productive activity while caring for the baby), but there are also a lot of health benefits. Here are a brief introduction on the benefit of babywearing, if you want to read further on the subject matters, please check out my Lending Library.

  1. Health and psychological benefits for both parents AND child
    • We, as a species, are physically meant to be carried. Just try to pick you any newborn baby, their legs are ready to ‘grab’. Any adult, when they pick up a child, they instinctively place him/her on their hip where you achieve a snug fit.
    • Baby cries 50% less when being carried
    • Babies in sling tend to breastfeed easier because mothers are more in tune with baby’s cue
    • Babies being carried developed a better sense of balance quicker because they are in an upright position and have to experience the 3 dimensional movement when the parent is walking
    • Studies have shown that the tummy to tummy vibration help babies to have better digestion
    • Babies in sling have less heat loss, parent’s body temperate also help to keep them warm with less clothes needed
    • Babies in slings learn quicker and more. Firstly, they cry less. When they are not crying, they are learning. Secondly, they are on eye level and seeing the same view as the parents, taking everything in.
    • As a result, babies in sling have better social skill sooner. Simply, if you think about it, they learn ‘good morning’, ‘thank you’ etc just by hearing it every day, many times a day.
    • Better bonding between babies and their carers. It helps with father and child bonding, so as grandparents and grandchild bonding
    • Babies in sling are also more sociable, they are participants of their parents’ lives vs being a spectator if they are sitting in a pram.
    • It’s fashionable! We all know how difficult in the early days to look half way decent so to get out in public. Being able to look great booze our moral in the midst of sleep deprivation!

  3. Logistical benefits
    • You can get things done around the house! You have your arms back!
    • Plus, babies love the vibration when you are doing things around the house, it soothe them and they go to sleep
    • Easier to handle public transportation, no need to worry about if there is enough space for the pram
    • No need to worry about stairs
    • No need to worry about how to fit the pram in the toilet when you go into toilet in a cafe or restaurant
    • No need to worry about how to carry the baby while carrying your food tray (if you were to eat in a cafe for example)
    • You can hold the hands of your older child
    • You can chat with your friends while walking together! Not a lot of footpath allow two prams walking side by side
    • You don’t have to worry about cobblestone road
    • This is a tricky one – you don’t have to worry about strangers or weirdos to touch your baby! We all run into some well meaning strange people of whom you might not want them to touch your baby. It’s much less likely for them to lean over to you to reach your baby in a sling. It’s much easier for them to bend down to touch the baby in a pram. Plus, it’s much easier for you to move away with your baby from the weirdo than having to manoeuvre the pram to escape.

If you want to know more about babywearing or if you need help choosing a sling, please feel free to contact me on here.

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