Parents need support more than ever during this uncertain time.
I am offering virtual babywearing consult until further notice,

all the packages below are now available on Hangout or Zoom.

Babywearing has been the only mean to carry one’s child for millennium…until the invention of a pram or buggy. Research has found that baby in slings cry less, learn more, have better motoring skill earlier and have better bonding with parents, carer and grandparents. To be honest, we just find it extremely handy to navigate the city. You can see from the above pictures – grocery shopping, going for walks, taking public transport, going on holiday, even vinyl shopping!

I was born in Hong Kong where babywearing was the norm growing up, I did back carry since I was a little girl! When I became a mother, wearing my baby is a natural option for me.

I am a Certified Trageschule Babywearing Consultant. I am passionate to help normalise babywearing.


*** I have taken hundreds of hours of training in virtual education, video production, sound, lighting, innovative solution, user experience, etc. since the start of the pandemic, so to equip me with skill to provide you NOT just another online session but an enjoyable professional viewing experience. 🙂

What is a consult? 

Well, it depends on what you want and I will meet you where you are!


A perfect package of expectant parents!

Two 90 minute sessions – 1 before baby and 1 after the you have the baby. (Thoughtful gift idea for expectant friend around you! Talk to me for a gift certificate!)

Before baby –

  • The pros and cons of each kind of sling and help you to decide which sling is suitable to your body shape, lifestyle and budget.
  • Hip and spine Development
  • Optimal position
  • Babywearing safety
  • Demonstration of major carrier in the market

After baby –

  • Step by step teaching to help you put the baby in sling(s) of your choice
  • You will go away with at least one sling to do one carry confidently (your partner can learn too, if you wish)

What you will get: 

  • Two 90 mins virtual consultation
  • UNLIMITED follow up WhatsApp selfie checks
  • Consultation video for you to download and keep forever
  • Resource folder with safety information
  • A cheat sheet to help you remember the steps
  • How to choose a sling checklist


2 hour of class for a specific subject of a choice from your group, e.g. introduction to babywearing, front carry of a particular sling, back carry, etc. Feel free to come up with a subject and we will work something out. It’s a perfect solution if you have a group of friends who want to learn and share the cost together.


If you belong to any group that is interested to know more about babywearing, e.g. mom and baby group, church group, etc and need community support, please be in touch.

I can talk about:

  • History of babywearing
  • Physiology of newborn infant
  • Benefit of babywearing
  • Babywearing around the world
  • Babywearing in Dublin
  • Demonstration of different carriers

### If none of the above applies to you, give me a shout, we can tailor made a consult that works for you.###