Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can be purchased at any amount of your choice.

Here are some ideas to help with your purchase:

Bump to Baby Babywearing Package : 65 Euro

Perfect package of expectant parents! Two 60 minute session – 1 before baby and 1 after the you have the baby.

Before baby –

  • overview of babywearing – history and benefit
  • the pros and cons of each kind of sling and help you to decide which sling is suitable to your body shape, lifestyle and budget.
  • hip and spine Development
  • optimal position
  • babywearing safety
  • demonstration of major carrier in the market

After baby –

  • I will come in with a few style of slings that you particularly want to try. A weighted demo ‘baby’ will be used to practise.
  • We will make sure you (and your partner, if you wish) will be confident with the use of at least one sling to do one carry before the end of the consult. A weighted demo ‘baby’ will be used to practise.

Postpartum Doula Services : 25 Euro/hour, minimum 2 hour per day

  • Perfect solution for friends and families alike!
  • No more head scratching wondering what to get the new parents.
  • 100 Euro will buy the new parents 2 days worth of doula help.
  • This will really take the edge off – the new parents can catch a breath, eat, have a cup of tea, wash their hair, get some sleep.
  • EVERY parent will appreciate this gift. They will forever remember this! Trust me!