Babywearing is going to save your sanity this Christmas shopping season.

No, I am not exaggerating.


The crowd in City Centre in the coming weekends are going to be mental, babywearing is going help in many ways…

  1. You can have your hands free so that you can go through the merchandise
  2. You can hold the hands of your older child so to minimise them running around in the crowd
  3. You can navigate the crowd easier because you just walk! No more ‘excuse me’ 100 times just to push the pram around people
  4. That also means less people being angry with you when you keep saying ‘excuse me excuse me excuse me’…
  5. You can go in the stall in the toilet for sure, no need to worry about the pram
  6. No need to worry if there is enough space to get on the bus, Luas, etc…
  7. This one is very important, babies are less likely to be overstimulated by the noise and the light in the shops! You are less likely to end up having a grumpy baby!

This is why this holiday season, you need babywearing more than ever! Check out my design on LOVA Sling or book a consultation if you need advice on babywearing.